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Fontenot, Boston, Ma

We traveled to Jaipur in the fall of 2016 to attend a wedding, which took up most of our time in the city.  We had 1 day to ourselves and we booked a walking tour of the old city with Kumar.  We specifically requested markets and temples, two of our interests.  Throughout the online booking process (by email from the US) Kumar was responsive and very helpful.  The number of people on the tour and the times fluctuated for various reasons and Kumar took it all in stride, which was very much appreciated as organizing our group was a bit like herding cats.  Kumar sent a car to fetch us and we began our tour with breakfast food at a small stand (indeed Kumar fed us throughout the day and we had lots of tastes of local specialties such as lassi, chai, fried sweets).  The tour was wonderful, personalized exactly to our request.  We spent about 6 hours walking through the city with special attention to vegetable markets and spice markets and the many streets dedicated to the selling of certain items (the street of idol-carvers, for example).  Whenever any of our group expressed interest in anything, Kumar stopped and explained or got us a taste of something.  He was incredibly patient and seemed to know everything about his city.  We ended the tour with lunch at a GREAT vegetarian restaurant that was filled with locals (one thing I loved about the experience was that when we had tea or breakfast, Kumar dealt with payment so that we didn't have to be rifling through our rupees).  I've been on many walking tours across the world, and indeed we later arranged walking tours in Agra and in Delhi, but this was the best, most personal tour I have ever had the pleasure of taking.  It made the visit quite special and gave us just a glimpse of an incredible city.  I really cannot recommend Kumar and Jaipur Cultural Walk highly enough and would book him again in a heartbeat.  Really unparalleled. 

Cirlet, Mexico

Generally, I like to do tourism on my own, but this time in the pink city we decided to take a cultural tour and met Kumar, We do not usually do shopping because we prefer to enjoy as much of the walk as possible, without distractions, it was just what we got, Who among historical narrations, some laughter, a cup of tea and much passion for what he does, took us by the hand to explore Jaipur. Without overdoing it has been one of our favorite destinations on our trip through India. Do not forget to visit this beautiful city, you will be in very good hands.

P.S. If you are one of those who like to shop, Jaipur has a lot to offer in their bazaars, do not hesitate to ask Kumar what his recommendation is to find what they are looking for.

Bernadette Lennon, Melbourne

Thank you Kumar for being a lovely guide for my one precious morning in the Old City. It is really the ONLY way to see it because Kumar will find the streets and alleys that we won't otherwise see and it is, unfortunately, a chaotic city. My favourite bit was the marble statue industry which was concentrated in just one or two lanes behind all the chaos of the grand but delapidated boulevards. It is hoped that Kumar won't lose his genuine approach by being opportunistic as this is what makes him a pleasure to be with. I hope he continues to forget about gathering more custom whilst he does these tours so that they continue to be special. His language and knowledge about the area is impressive but I particularly liked his gentle pace and lack of lecturing! I recommend no more than 3 in a group as the city is very noisy and it's best as an intimate experience. Thanks and good luck,  Kumar! 

John ten Have, Maria ten Have

My wife and I spent 3 days wandering around Jaipur with Kumar, and that is long enough to get a real good idea of a guides strengths and weaknesses.

We have had a lot of guides in 34 years of travelling the world ranging from pages torn out of the lonely planet to educational experiences which taught me more than a university degree. Kumar is right up there with the best of them. He speaks excellent english, is educated and one of the most perceptive guys I have had the privilege to spend time with. He also has a delicious if somewhat quirky sense of humour, which I greatly enjoyed. He has people skills which exceed many senior managers, and makes mastering the mysteries of Indian bureaucracy look like a walk in the park. 

He was always on time, immaculately groomed and fully focused on our needs.

Kumar also understands that sometimes less is more when communicating. Long complicated narratives have their place but often you learn more from a short concise, accurate description. When you are in a place that is as visually stimulating and noisy as Jaipur, inputs come from all angles and Kumar is smart enough and skilled enough to let the city teach you as well.

But make no mistake, Kumar knows the facts and figures, and the city and it's secret nooks and and crannies intimately well. And we got to see much of it.

I told him what we wanted - i.e. we wanted to walk to success, have time for good photography and whilst we knew we could never see it all, we wanted to have time to have a very close look at what we did see. Kumar's management of that simple specification was masterful. We never felt rushed, the program was seamlessly changed when my wife was in need of a break so that she did not miss out on her special interests. 

He looked after security, had an excellent driver, VJ, who made getting around in monsoonal deluges much easier and we all got on like a house on fire.   

In four months in India, you get to see a lot, but head and shoulders above all the guides and experiences was the unforgettable walking with Kumar, through the wonderland of Jaipur.

Gary W, Berkshire, UK 

My wife and I have just finished a very pleasurable day with a very knowledgeable person, our guide Kumar. Kumar was polite, patient, full of useful information, had a great ability to share stories from history to bring the sights, and flavours, of Jaipur to life. When we met he quickly discovered what we would like to see and what we enjoyed and tailored the day perfectly. He has even given us an outline itinerary for tomorrow even though he won't be with us.

His knowledge of the history of Jaipur was excellent and the way he used stories and historical references to bring to life the ancient times of the Maharajas in Amber Fort was both informative and enlightening. We visited so many of the famous, and less well known, sights and his recommendation for lunch in a local restaurant hit the spot precisely.

I would fully endorse and recommend Kumar as a guide for Jaipur and it's surroundings.

Thank you again Kumar.

Jackie C, Melbourne

I came across reviews of Kumar's Cultural Walk and decided to give it a go. Ive been to Jaipur before, but it can be that you wander around not digging below the surface as it is a busy city with a lot going on. Having a guided tour from Kumar meant that I understood a lot more, and saw things I would never have found on my own. From the beginning it was well organised, I was picked up from my hotel, and met Kumar in the Pink City. It was so much more relaxing and enjoyable having a guide rather than go around on my own. He is very relaxed, friendly, professional, and speaks very good English. We visited a vegetable market, temple, walked up mysterious stairways to get aerial views, tasted lots of food, saw craftsmen, walked back streets and saw historic houses, and much more. He also gave me lots of good tips for the rest of my visit in Jaipur. Thanks for a great day Kumar  

Bondie Alex, London, UK

Kumar really is a superb guide. My partner and I spent 3 weeks in India and travelled extensively. We had limited time to visit Jaipur and wanted to make the most of it so we opted fora tour with Kumar. Kumar was an excellent guide, superb English speaker and excellent fun all day. We toured the food markets and food stalls and the pink city streets. Kumar is hugely knowledgeable about his city and knows the secret little places for the best tea or best street foods. You cover a large amount of ground so it is important you have good walking shoes but it was an excellent day. We felt safe, we felt better informed and we left with a passion for Jaipur. You should book with Kumar to really see and experience this beautiful city. As a tip dont eat before you go, we did and regretted it as we had so much to eat throughout the day. 

Maegyvear, Malaysia

I have been here (India) for the pass 5.5 years. I've completed my study and decided to go for a 5 days trip before going back to Malaysia. I went to Delhi and Agra. Today, I'm here in Jaipur. Tomorrow I'm going back.

My last day spent really well because of our professional tour guide. Why I called him professional (I don't know his background and working experience), because, the way he communicates, and the way he advices us for the best plan (within our limit time) to be spent here in Jaipur.

He came on time to our hotel. He greeted us with warm welcome. He introduced himself politely. It is very rare to see tour guide with all this charismatic behavior.

He explained to us about what we can do in Jaipur. Then, he presented his ideas on which places to go first. We (me and my family) then agreed, because we are comfortable with his idea. So, that how we proceed.

We visited Wind Palace, Amber Fort, Lake Palace, City Palace, and had lunch at Royal Hotel. Then he brought us to the cremation place, where the Kings were buried. Afterwards, we were walking around Pink City. The entire tour, he was with us and explained each and everything regarding the places that we went.

I can assure you, he is very knowledgeable about this place. And the way he did his presentation regarding each places was well organized. It is easier for us to learn the history and mesmerized by the beauty of the architecture; because he planned his presentation very well.

He is very friendly. He made jokes too. He also shared few tips and advices on Do's and Don'ts in Jaipur (in a very polite way). When my parents were tired, or doesn't want to go to some places (due to the hot weather), he understood and respected it. In fact, he adviced for other better plan. That made our trip well planned and memorable one!

Well, I am usually lazy to give review on people. But this man really deserve one. Excellent tour guide. A man you should search/book/call when you are coming for a trip to Jaipur! Don't miss it.

Kemi, Brooklyn, NY

What a wonderful look into Jaipur history, culture & crafts through our walking (& tuktuk) tour with Kumar — a trained historian & native of Jaipur. We loved every minute of exploring the beautiful, chaotic, charming streets of the Pink City while meeting various vendors & artisans. Learning how marble statues, copper pots & clay pots get made while receiving background context was a special behind-the-scenes treat that would have been impossible on our own! We also visited temples & havelis. The sweet shop was a personal fave, as well as watching bangles being made just for us. Kumar is incredibly knowledgeable & personable — he knew the answers to our many questions & offered historical context that we had been missing! He also kindly extended the tour by an hour when our bangle stop took longer than expected. Lastly, he was very clear, transparent, and thoughtful about the economics of the tour — because he pays the artisans for their time & most were small factories (not retail shops), we could relax, listen & learn without pressure to buy. I highly enjoyed & recommend this tour! 

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We got to see the real Jaipur-highly recommended!

My partner and I spent the afternoon with Kumar and he was a wonderful guide. He showed us the sights and flavours of the real Jaipur, and took us to so many places that are unavailable to tourists. Because we were with Kumar we weren't bothered by people trying to sell us things, which meant we could walk around feeling relaxed and safe. He took us to the most delicious food stalls and we ate beautiful, clean street food. We tasted samosas, sweets and a selection of curries at dinner. Throughout the tour we learnt so much about Indian culture and about Jaipur. Kumar is insightful, funny, helpful and great company: we can’t recommend him enough. He is an excellent guide and you will not regret choosing him as your guide. Just to be clear, Kumar didn't pressure us for this review, nor did he make us write it in front of him (as other guides sometimes do). He also didn't take us to any shops to buy items for commission and he gave us invaluable advice on how to deal with people on the street. We found him honest and trustworthy. Thank you Kumar for a lovely day - Michael and Monique. 

Monique L - Melbourne, Australia (Oct.2018)

Simply the best experience you can have in Jaipur

This walking street tour was the highlight of my entire trip to India. Kumar is the most excellent, considerate, kind, respectful and knowledgeable guide I could have wished for. It was an amazing, insightful and educational mixture of food and culture and I was completely enchanted throughout the entire tour. I got to try out some amazing Lassi, chai tea and other incredibly delicious foods at stalls along the way. Kumar has excellent English language skills and points out things that I definitely would have missed if Id wondered around alone. He not only explains the history and culture of the people and architecture of the beautiful Havelis but takes the time to find out what interests you most and tailors the walk along the way, expanding on topics as desired. He also explained a lot about how the community, culture, families and businesses operate and clearly cares about educating tourists about the real Jaipur. Absolutely fascinating. As a solo traveller he made me feel very reassured and safe, often checking with me that I was happy and comfortable with whatever activity we were doing as well as arranging transport from my hotel and checking back with me afterward to ensure I got back safely. Kumar also goes to great lengths to ensure you don’t feel pressured or pestered by any traders and I felt very safe the whole time. This is the real deal, I do not believe you could find a more genuine, trustworthy and informed guide, you will be so glad you did this tour – don’t hesitate another second or you’ll miss out on an amazing experience. 

Clare Fisher - London, UK (Jan.2019)

Best part of our trip to Jaipur

My wife and I were looking for a good tour of Jaipur but we’re getting tired of everything including pressured sales involved at multiple parts of every trip. We read about Kumar’s tour of Jaipur’s bazaars and back alleys and agree with a previous reviewer: this was definitely the best part of our visit to Jaipur!

He took us through different themed markets and explained the cultural and historical contexts of each. We were able to visit different artisans in their homes and even got to try our hand at some pottery! All of this without any stores attached.

And the food!! Definitely, the best-tasting food we had experienced in Jaipur. The tiny stalls with things we had never heard of but tasted incredible. The underground chai nook with seating for 8 people with a long history in the area.

To cap it all off we had a lovely rooftop dinner under the stars at a nice restaurant!

If you’re visiting Jaipur you absolutely must do this tour with Kumar. You won’t regret it! 

Ks-koba - Edmonton, Canada  (Sep. 2018)

One of the highlights of our fortnight in Jaipur

We had visited most of the usual tourist attractions after a week, but Kumar introduced us to real Indian culture and everyday life from an Indian perspective.

Kumar's English was excellent; he was extremely knowledgeable and offered a wealth of information as well as being friendly and considerate, and aiming to provide an experience tailor-made to our wishes.

Setting off from our haveli, we walked, or for longer distances, took a tuk tuk, tasting a variety of street food along the way, often having observed its preparation.

We watched various craftsmen at work - metal bowl maker, screen printer, statue maker and painter, bangle maker, potter (with the opportunity to throw our own pots on a wheel),

stone cutters and jewellery makers.

All along the way, Kumar would inform and point out details to us which, on our own, we would have been blind to! In fact as tourists, we wouldn't have considered venturing into some of the alleys and areas. Yet everyone we met was welcoming and friendly, and I felt privileged to meet and be accepted by the people we visited.

Finally we visited a restaurant for a delicious meal, but we were a little too full of street food to fully appreciate it.

If I were to visit Jaipur again, and I hope i do, I wouldn't hesitate to hire Kumar again. Not only would i love to repeat the same tour, but I'm sure we only touched on what he has to offer.

At no time, were we under any obligation to purchase anything during the tour, but how can you not be slightly seduced when you see such beautiful things!

Kumar was more than willing to offer advice and accompany us on a shopping trip to the bazaars later in the week where he offered valuable advice on what were acceptable prices! 

Barbara Clark - Bolton, UK  (Mar. 2018)

The Best Tour We've Ever Done

This is the tour to do if you want to feel as though you are getting an actual view of how Jaipur works - not just the main paths, but the interwoven, less seen portions that could be harder to navigate as a tourist. Want to try street food and not get sick? This tour led by the very kind and knowledgeable Kumar allows you to try a variety of Indian sweets, samosas, chai (my favorite! such a memorable experience to sip out of a pot in a tiny underground open window tea room), halwa, and piping hot aloo tikki (soo delicious!). Kumar researches locations that use water safe for Westerners and that cook dishes hot and to order. We had no problems eating on this tour and were excited to have street food while in India (smartly). Seeing the artisans work up close (especially the bangle making family) will be memories I'll have for a lifetime. Kumar is very knowledgeable about the city and is very eloquent and helpful to have as a guide. I love the concept of his tour company - by him having a relationship with the vendors and paying the stops on the tour, you don't get haggled as you normally do on tours in India. There's no forced "oh you must stop at this wonderful shop that serves the best tea and has the best ____ in all of India" spiel. Kumar has passion for what he does and is a must-do in Jaipur! 

Rita - Ann Arbor, Michigan (Jan.2019)

Best walking tour I've ever done- Kumar was our highlight of Jaipur

I read about Kumar's Cultural Walk in an India travel book my first morning in Jaipur and WhatsApp messaged him asking if he by chance had availability that same day. To our delight he did and we were able to do the walk with him! He responded to my inquiry within 5 minutes and even set up a hotel pickup and drop off with no additional cost. The way Kumar explained the city, the history, the food, and the religion of the area was so interesting, compelling and clear. He was extremely easy to get along with and was so very genuine, sincere and kind from the moment we met him. Something else worth noting is that he established a really strong relationship of trust upfront saying that he wasn't going to lead us to shops that would try and sell us items and that he was only interested in us seeing and learning and not us buying. We were SO appreciative of that as that isn't the experience we had with any other guides prior or post Kumar and it made us comfortable and at ease on the whole tour. He also took his time with places and topics and didn't rush through anything to be done by a certain time, while being very respectful of our time. I ended up messaging Kumar the next day asking his opinion on spices and using his tuk-tuk driver, Pawan, who we also had a lovely experience with and again he was so responsive and helpful. When I mentioned I wanted to buy spices to bring back home he met us out in Jaipur and presented me with a huge bag of all types of spices that his wife had put together for me!!!!!!!! I almost cried. It was so so kind and generous when I got home and unpacked them it felt like christmas morning. Kumar was so outstanding and this walk really was a highlight of not only Jaipur but my entire India trip. 

Lizzie Dean - California (Nov.2018)

Just book it

The old Jaipur walking tour with Kumar was fabulous. I've been many times to Jaipur but saw parts of the old city I've not seen before. Kumar was charismatic and informative and a wonderful host. Time flew as we packed so much in - visiting a bangle maker, a chai shop, a potters, some artisan tradesmen, a few street food places, the flower market, the spice market and a small temple.

The main thing to note is that felt so authentic, we weren't visiting places that were set up for tourists, the people were genuinely living and working as we saw them and there was never any suggestion to buy things or tip.

We finished with dinner on the rooftop near Palace of Winds, so you'll be utterly full by the end.

Kumar arranged - and paid for - an Uber from our hotel and back home at the end. He was a real gentleman and I'd highly recommend a walk with him. 

Lucy - London, UK (Feb.2018)

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Jaipur Cultural Walk - Travel beyond the museums & monuments

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